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"Meeting of Waves"
While standing on the station platform you see the surface of the water from the Essinge inlet which now and then reflects the bright magic of the sun and merges with the rebirth of the place. Here we meet and go off in different directions, to the East and the West, passing across hills and water.
I wanted to catch the light, water and rock inside of the station, reminding every traveller of the surroundings outside as they touch or view the elements within the station.

< Wall drawing "Snake and Iris" A large black and white drawing made of cement mosaic, cast in Lulea. The largest plate measures 7 x 2.5 metres and weighs approximately six tons. A snake swimming amongst Irises.


< Stone sculpture "Fount of Daybreak" The sculpture consists of five diabas boulders and is situated in the entrance hall. The boulder's surfaces of contact are highly polished, shifted in relation to each other. In the cracks formed, water breaks out. The sculpture weighs 28 tons. Origin of the stone is Boalt from Skane, Sweden.
Floor "Ice Scales" A blue cement mosaic
with inlays of crushed marble and granite
coveringthe entire station.
Each section measures 1.5 x 1.5 metres
Clinker walls "Whisper of Reeds"
There are three colours of tile: light umber, light ochre and white. The pattern shows tuft of reeds.

Protective rail "Drips From a Far Away Place"
Two 16 metre long screens placed parallel to one another with a gap of 10 centimetres, situated along Drottningvagen.    
Foto: Eddie J Koda
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